Sunday, February 26, 2017

Fatal Pickings, Book 5 in Cozy Mystery Series Is Out!

The latest cozy mystery short read in the Antique Pickers in Paradise Cozy Mystery Series is out! In case you haven't seen it yet, this one, it's another short read that you can devour in just an hour or so. Check out Fatal Pickings on Amazon, iTunes/iBooks, Nook, and more by clicking this link.

When one of antique pickers Sherri Green and Carol O'Brien's best customers dies, they become suspicious. Was the cause of death really an accident? 

After learning that Benedict Joslin's death likely was not an accident as originally thought, the pair begins digging around to find out who killed the old man.The problem is Benedict wasn't very well liked and the suspect list keeps getting longer.

Fatal Pickings is a clean, short read perfect for lovers of cozy mysteries set in a small town that feature an amateur sleuth.

Fatal Pickings is the fifth short book in the Antique Pickers in Paradise Cozy Mysteries series, and is a complete mystery that you can read in an hour or two. As a clean read, it does NOT contain strong language or graphic violence. Just Sherri and her sidekick Carol. Oh and Sherri's husband Ralph and their sweet cat, Kitty Jo.

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