Saturday, March 21, 2015

Prompted by Desire -- New Short Story Romance

I'm proud to announce that Prompted by Desire, book 1 in my Rocky Mountain Romance series is available on Amazon. 

Check out the video for my new book:

Tyler Barrett has just finished horseshoeing school in Kansas and moved to Soda Springs, Colorado to start his new business, but there’s just one problem. He’s broke. Without customers and horses that need to be shod, Tyler is in danger of losing everything and having to head home with his tail between his legs. 

When Angela Winston, the owner of eleven head of horses, hires Tyler, he thinks his troubles are over, at least for the time being. Little does he know that this older woman, who is married to boot, is more than he bargained for. Will her seduction of the young farrier pay off? Can Tyler keep this customer happy in more ways than one? 

Things heat up on the ranch, and Tyler wrestles with how to let the older woman down gently after meeting someone he really cares about. 

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