Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Free Romance Today and Tomorrow - Seduction in Riverside

Today and tomorrow (April 1 and 2) download book 1 in our Riverside Romance short story series for free!

You heard right! You can read the first of our three books for free! Click this link:  Seduction in Riverside if you'd like to check out this short read, perfect for when you have a few minutes here and there or want to finish a book in less than a few hours.

Luke says Callie has his heart. But sultry Victoria is back once more to reclaim his heart as well as his body. Now Callie must decide for sure if lies or love is his game. 

What started as a normal day for Callie Rogers ended as one that made her doubt the man she loved. 

For six months, Callie has been living with Luke Sullivan, her seemingly perfect man. But after having lunch with her friend Heather, Callie sees Luke with another woman. 

When Callie confronts Luke about this mystery woman, he brushes it off as if nothing happened. But Callie knows what she saw. When Callie’s friend Heather sees Luke with this woman the next day in a compromising position, Callie doesn’t know what to think. 

Can their relatively young relationship survive? 

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